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The FIRST EVER logo for an AUSTIN, TX, area LAKE TOWN!

Small town just outside of Austin, TX. In famous Texas Hill Country on Lake Travis. Older generation now being replaced with younger families. It’s a careful changing of the guard. The city was initially an unincorporated golf community for retired folks – albeit very rural and hidden. LV was finally incorporated in 1985. We are entering a phase of development where the new guard wants to invite tourism, businesses, recreation, youth, vitality, pride and growth, while still maintaining true to our natural resources of hills and lakes. We are close to Austin, many commute, so they are savvy as to what’s in style. We need to appeal to people to move here in order to get businesses to move here. We need to finally appear to have a professional, classy branding. A clean design that can be used 4/c and 1/c is a must. Previously “branding” was a piece of sailboat clipart and nonsensical fonts – no style formats. Completely understandable when things are done free by those who didn’t understand how marketing a city is important. – 


Community & Non-Profit

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Thank you for all your hard work. I have downloaded the files. We are so happy. I'm going to leave a quote in this next message feel free to use it.

EB Designer was a joy to work with. We had a difficult project - designing the first ever logo for the City of Lago Vista, TX. EB showed us an extremely wide range of logo designs which proves his strength and reach as a designer. Whenever we wanted to tweak a design or attempt to go in another direction just to see how that would work, EB was there for us. We are thrilled with the result. The logo rides just between something very traditional and the extreme abstract which is perfect. It was a very hard challenge to recognize what our community is based on without leaning towards a design that one could see in so many other logos found for other entities based on lakes and hills. This logo is completely unique. We are so very happy and recommend EB Designer wholeheartedly.
-mkuntzsch. Lago Vista, TX
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