VR Ninjas – Logo Global Launch

VR Ninjas - Logo That Pops - Global Launch

Premium accessories for Virtual Reality systems.
For gamers by gamers.
Equipment & accessories that make you feel badass when using them.
Our logo will be on mats, stands, controllers, ceiling rigs.

Target audience is gamers 25-55 yr old males

Other notes:

wanted a simple logo,  enough to be stamped and still recognized, but also look really cool. On a scale of 1-10 for logo detail, we’d probably want about a 2 or 3. A clean, simple, badass look.

launching a line of 5 products. They will be black electronics accessories. A controller stand. A black mat to stand on. Pullies that lower from the cieling. wrist straps. All the extra things that a Virtual Reality setup needs.



VR Ninjas
VR Ninjas
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Great work EB! We really liked how fluid you were with your changes and revisions. You followed direction very well, ultimately creating exactly what we were looking for. It is great to look back at where you started and what you ended up with - it was quite a progression!
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